Hot Stone Massage: The Benefits

The hot stone massage is a traditional form of bodywork and alternative therapy, which involves the placement of hot or cool stones on the body of the person for purposes to relax, heal and pain relief. Although popular in parts of the globe, including the United States and United Kingdom, hot stone massage has been practiced since ancient times across the world. The hot stone massage is now an increasingly popular alternative to medical treatment. It is used by a wide range of people, from athletes and military personnel to couples and homewives. It is also gaining popularity as a holistic form of therapy, which makes use of different kinds of massages as well as natural supplements to achieve the same results. Many people who have tried this therapy have claimed that it is efficient in treating various medical conditions including back pain, arthritis, migraines, colds and indigestion as well as menstrual and chronic diseases.

Hot stone therapy originates from the Japanese style of massage known as Reiki. It involves heating stones that are applied to specific areas of the body. They possess healing properties that are specific to the place they are placed. According to the traditional belief system, stones are believed to alleviate stress, stimulate the senses, and nourish the body. μˆ˜μ„œμΆœμž₯ Since they possess properties that are beneficial to the human body, massages with hot stones are considered to be an excellent alternative to conventional medical treatments including chiropractic therapies and Acupuncture.

The majority of massage therapists who use hot stones use warm, coarsely-grained stones. They help stimulate lymphatic circulation, increase blood circulation, and help eliminate toxins from tissues. A majority of therapists combine hot stones with cold stones at different pressure points. Cold stones stimulate and help to cool the immune system while the warm-stone relaxes the muscles and skin.

Based on research, Reiki massage therapist feel that this type of massage therapy is beneficial in treating many health conditions such as fatigue, stress, pain, anxiety, depression, chronic diseases, headaches, blood pressure and more. In accordance with the state of the patient, the therapist may apply pressure to specific areas of the body that are experiencing fatigue or stress. Patients suffering from flu symptoms or cold symptoms could be advised to use cold stones. However, doctors are not necessarily convinced of the efficacy of hot stone massage therapy to treat certain health conditions.

It is said that this kind of therapy alleviates pain by relaxing muscles and relieving tension. Due to its relaxing effects, it can also be employed to relieve tension in muscles. The tension in muscles is one of the primary causes of pains, aches and an numbness. To reduce muscle tension, the therapists utilize hot stone massages which are able to relax the muscles and decrease the muscle tension. The warmth from the stones promotes relaxation and boosts circulation. The affected muscle will be able to recuperate faster from pain.

Massage therapy using hot stones has an additional benefit: it speeds up the healing process for injured muscles. This is because the heated stones assist in the rehabilitation of the injured muscles, so that patients can heal from their injuries more quickly and in a safer method. When muscles are damaged and weak, they are more susceptible to damage. Massage therapy may speed up the healing process for injured muscles.

A study has shown that those suffering from chronic tension in their muscles can recover from hernias more quickly than other. This is because the heated stones soothe muscles in the affected area of the body of the patient thus lessening the pain felt from hernia. The hernia gets heated in this massage therapy. This can reduce muscle spasms as well as ease the muscles in the injured area.

Massage using hot stones can eliminate varicose veins. The veins that cause swelling that is very uncomfortable. The increased temperature generated during the process of this massage helps to reduce the swelling of tissues. This helps to prevent the tissues from becoming more tight. This causes the veins to push up to the surface. The veins that have been removed can be easily flushed out by using an irrigation system. Massage is recognized for its ability to reduce muscles spasms.

The effectiveness of hot stone massage

The hot stone massage is an element of the bodywork and alternative medicine discipline that involves the placing of a variety of heated or other stones over the body with the purpose of healing, relaxation and pain relief. The phrase "hot stone" is utilized to refer to both the process  […]

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